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 Who We Are

The Caleb Cares Project is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization that serves as an outreach in the Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee area.  Caleb Slate ( not only lived, went to school and worked in our community, but he gave his heart and time in community service and showed love to people every day.  This nonprofit strives to honor Caleb and carry on his legacy by using our hands to show love, give back and serve our community in his memory.  Caleb died suddenly and tragically when he took his own life on August 12, 2019.  Devastatingly, Caleb did not leave behind an explanation or reasons for that choice, but he did leave behind a legacy of love for us to continue.  We were not ready for our earthly life to end with Caleb, so this Project helps us keep his name spoken and his love alive.  While The Caleb Cares Project is an outreach organization, we also strive to bring awareness to young people and their families that suicide does not discriminate and strongly encourage open and honest conversations at home about what to do when difficult circumstances arise and life turns dark.

Our Mission

Our mission is to show love and help meet the needs of under-resourced children, youth and families in our community.  We see people for the child of God they are and will show that we love them just as He does.  The motivation behind all we do is our love for Jesus and our compassion for people.  We strive to enhance the quality of life for those in need in our community.

Our Vision

To give, love and serve genuinely and authentically.

To show people that we believe they are a big deal around here.  

Through us Caleb’s hands will still give, his heart will still show love and his story will save lives.

Your generous donations are tax deductible.  100% of the donations received are put back into our community to benefit the lives of under-resourced children,  youth and families.

How can you give?

Click the orange donate button below to be redirected to PayPal.

Text CALEBCARES to 44-321 for a secure link to give.

You can also donate through Facebook, @The Caleb Cares Project.

Do you shop on Amazon?

You can support The Caleb Cares Project just by ordering your Amazon purchases through Smile Amazon! It’s so easy and simple to set up.  Click on the photo to the right to get started! Thank you for supporting us by using Smile Amazon and supporting this charity!


If you live in Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee, and have a 3-17 year old child, you can sign them up for the new Caleb Cares Swim League! Click anywhere in this blue box to be redirected to the City of Clarksville Aquatic Activities page.  Once on the page, look for The Caleb Cares Swim League and click for information.

The Caleb Cares Project, Inc. is the sole sponsorship for the Caleb Cares Swim League hosted by the City of Clarksville Parks & Recreation.



Clarksville Montgomery County Head Start

For our 2022 Back to School donation, we donated the following items to the Clarksville Community Action Agency to be used at the 5 Head Start locations.  We are beyond grateful to donate items they needed and will use on a daily basis for their students!  We will continue to refill supplies as needed!


Lincoln Homes Head Start

In March, 2021, we became the sponsor for the Lincoln Homes Headstart program.  Each Friday we deliver 18 F.U.E.L. bags for the students to take home for he weekend.  We have also donated new clothes, shoes, bus passes, hygiene products and gently used clothing.  We are blessed with the opportunity to love on the children and the families they belong to.

Scholarship Fundraiser

On Sunday, March 20, 2022 we held our first annual live dessert auction to raise funds for the Caleb Joseph Slate Scholarship Award.  The baking community in Clarksville generously donated more than 40 desserts and more than 15 local businesses and organizations donated items for the silent auction.  Over $8,000 was raised!! it was an amazing and fun evening that honored our precious Caleb while raising money for a great cause!

Holiday Heroes for Youth Villages

For Christmas 2021, 10 Holiday Heroes bought Christmas gifts for foster kids.  We were given wish lists for 10 youth and asked to focus on their top 3 wishes + supplement if we were able.  The 10 heroes that purchased gifts for these youth helped make Christmas so special for 10 foster kids.  We want everyone to know we care and that they are a big deal around here!

Backpack Heroes for Youth Villages

In July 2021, we partnered up with Youth Villages and became Backpack Heroes.  Youth Villages is a nonprofit organization that serves foster kids and families in need.  We stuffed 85 backpacks and enjoyed giving back to this organization!

Acts of Kindness for Caleb's Birthday

On Caleb’s 19th birthday, we celebrated him and honored him by doing acts of kindness in our community.  I asked people to join us in wearing their Caleb Cares shirt, complete an act of kindness and share it with me.  I loved seeing pictures and reading about all the love that spread in memory of Caleb, it helped ease the pain of his absence on his birthday.  We enjoyed painting rocks and leaving them around town, paying for birthday cakes at Publix and spending a few hours serving lunch and doing VBS with kids at Lincoln Homes.  We love showing people that they are a big deal around here.

1st Annual Caleb Cares Project 5K

On May 15, 2021 we held the 1st annual Caleb Cares Project 5K.  We had more than 200 participants come from the community and even from out-of-state to run in this race.  We asked runners to donate socks which we delivered to a local ministry for the homeless in town.  Our goal for this 5K was to get the word out in the community about our organization and raise funds for future projects. The first 5K was a big success…next year will be even better!

St. Bethlehem Little League Honors Caleb

On April 28, 2021, the St. B Little League Minor Braves team presented us with a Braves shirt in honor of Caleb.  He played in the league for several years growing up and they wanted him to be remembered.  The Caleb Cares Project sponsored the minor Braves and will continue to do so each year in memory of #28.  This event was extra special as it took place on the 28th and on the same field where Caleb and the Pee Wee Braves won their division championship 10 years earlier.  The home plate where he was handed his trophy 10 years before, is the same home plate where we were given a shirt in his memory.  We felt Caleb with us as the lights shone down.  We knew our Angel was in the outfield that night.  Thank you, St. B Little League for honoring our son.

Christmas Gifts to Kids In Need

Very regularly, Caleb volunteered at local low income housing neighborhood.  He friended many young children there, but 2 boys in particular he cared for deeply.  It is tragic that Caleb can no longer be a healthy, loving, friendly influence in their life, so we do it for him.  From your donations through the holiday season, we purchased clothes, toys and games for the family he loved so much.

The Out of Darkness Walk

On November 14, 2020, our team participated in a virtual walk sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Our team of 52 raised the most money for the Clarksville Experience.  Step by step we walked in Caleb’s memory and honored him by spreading our message of hope, “YOU are a big deal around here!”

Northeast High School

At Christmastime, I hang Caleb’s stocking and ask that anyone who visits our home during the holiday season to put any amount of money in his stocking so it will not be empty on Christmas morning.  The money is used to purchase new books for Caleb’s high school library.  These are the books we donated in 2020, 2021 and 2022.  


Donated Life Jackets

On December 12, 2020, exactly 16 months after Caleb’s death, The Caleb Cares Project donated life jackets to The City of Clarksville Pools.  Caleb loved his job as a Lifeguard and through our gift, he is still saving lives.  Your generous donations made this possible, thank you!

Nonprofit in the City of Clarksville, TN

Would you like a Caleb Cares Project shirt? Simply click on the photo to the left and you’ll be directed to a local business where you can order your shirt for local pickup or delivery.  By purchasing a shirt you are supporting a local business and by wearing it, you share our organization with others. 

Each shirt is $15

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