Our first Christmas Project, December 2020


I’m looking in the rearview mirror and sharing how The Caleb Cares Project blessed a family at Christmastime.  Caleb fell in love with these kiddos in the Summer of 2017 when he volunteered with his youth group in their neighborhood VBS.  He began attending regular service projects in the neighborhood which turned into a weekly activity he participated in.  Caleb absolutely loved kids and especially enjoyed spending time with the ones who had a less fortunate life than his.  Any opportunity he found to help someone in need, he took it and he nurtured it.  When he came home from a day or evening with them, he always had a lot to talk about and he loved sharing the new memories they made.   Caleb was a light in these young boys’ lives and I am so sad he can no longer be a healthy, loving, friendly influence in their life.  I can’t give Caleb back to them, but I can make sure they never forget his name and how much he cared about them.  Here are some pictures of them together.


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December 2018, Caleb asked if we could buy Christmas presents for their family and my heart melted!  We bought gifts, wrapped and delivered them.  I will never forget their smiles, how their eyes lit up and the love I know they felt from Caleb.   As Christmas 2019 was only 4 1/2 months after Caleb’s death, I knew I wanted to still give them presents but couldn’t formulate how I could possibly make it happen in the midst of deep grief.  My wonderful friends made it happen.  I ordered the gifts on Amazon, one friend wrapped them and another delivered them.  I was devastated that Caleb was not there to do it.  I don’t have any photos from that visit, but here is one from December, 2018.




December 2020, my mind and heart were in bit stronger and in a better place so I was able to be involved and make sure they felt loved by The Caleb Cares Project.  The generous donations that were given to our Project in the month of November and December were used specifically towards these Christmas gifts.  I am very grateful for those who gave on behalf of this service project and who helped make this possible.  Their family and these beautiful children received far more than gifts from us.  They were shown love, kindness, hope and most importantly, Jesus.  We simply did what Caleb would have done if he were here.  We honor Caleb by continuing his legacy of love in our community, one project at a time!



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