About The Caleb Cares Project

This nonprofit organization was formed in an effort to continue Caleb’s legacy of loving and helping others. It’s something that he and I can still do together and I’ve made a promise to him that I would honor him by healing. Through my brokenness, Caleb’s light, love and legacy will still be used to bring good into our community and the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to benefit the children and youth of Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee. There are many programs that Caleb was a part of and ministries that he volunteered in on a regular basis. When Caleb died, the community lost someone who cared about people, someone who didn’t just say he did, but showed it everyday. He was willing to help anyone, anytime and his motivation for all he did was his love for Jesus and his compassion for people.

Our Vision

Love authentically.



At Chrsitmastime I just couldn’t let Caleb’s stocking hang empty, so I asked anyone that came to visit us during that time if they were willing to donate any amount of money and put it in his stocking. All money would be used to purchase books for the Northeast High School Library in memory of Caleb. He received $87.00, and I purchased the books early this year with plans to deliver them in March. That didn’t happen, so I finally was able to send them last week. The very sweet librarian did not know Caleb, but is so grateful to have the opportunity to honor him in this way. She set up this very nice display just for his books. Each one has a sticker that explains who Caleb is and why we donated the books. I will keep the tradition going every year. His memory lives on at Northeast High School 💙💛


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Clarksville, Tennessee